KAP Co-Grant Program

We’re partnering with all key gaming-forward blockchains to bring faster financial support, development resources, and marketing partners to fantastic games helping to push forward the future of web3 gaming. We’ve collected a coalition of base layers, sidechains, and L2s that see gaming as a critical feature in widespread blockchain adoption, and we’re putting substantial KAP treasury resources behind accelerating development on those chains.

Specifically, we’re partnering with the industry’s biggest chains to accelerate grant applications and double grant or investment amounts for standout games.


  • Objective: KAP has partnered with leading chains to champion upcoming web3 games.

  • Commitment: KAP will match specific chain grants or investments, doubling financial aid.

  • Applications: Open and rolling, apply here!


  1. Discover: Through our inbound application forms and active searching, we identify promising candidates who are either looking to work with a new chain or already midway through discussions with one or more chains.

  2. Evaluate: We apply a rigorous set of both quantitative and qualitative standards to games dependent upon their stage of development & funding requirements. These generally include waitlist signups, retention metrics, or active users.

  3. Guide: We then assist selected games in their preparation for discussions with chains by providing up-to-date requirements and funding proposals from each participating chain.

  4. Match: If a selected game is successful in receiving either a grant or investment from a partnered chain, KAP will match that amount via a KAP-denominated grant.

  5. Distribute: Selected games will list for free on our distribution site kap.gg, receive additional dedicated marketing, and gain access to user acquisition partners.

Strategic Impact

The KAP Co-Grant program goes beyond just financial contribution. We’re looking to holistically accelerate games’ integrations into blockchain by being a consolidated vector for them to quickly connect with, vet, and ultimately choose chain and development partners that work for them.

Games historically have been and continue to be central to entertainment and culture. As a browser/mobile-based publisher and distributor, KAP Games is entirely dedicated to accelerating the broader public adoption of web3 and tech-forward games, and we’re honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with the builders redefining what it means to play.

Apply Now

Apply here for a KAP Co-Grant to match with major chains: https://www.kap.gg/f/grants

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