KAP Games is a web3 gaming distributor, publisher & studio, specializing in browser and mobile-native experiences.

Utilizing emerging technologies to unlock the next generation of gaming, KAP curates ecosystems where diverse games, innovative projects, and vibrant communities collide.

The KAP Games ecosystem has three key product verticals:

  • Distribution. Our social-first, browser, mobile, and PC distribution suite creates a seamless gaming experience for gaming fans curious about digital assets and web3 ownership. With a heavy emphasis on web2.5 social/SSO login rails, quest & tournament aggregation, and straightforward monetization policies that are sensitive to blockchain mechanics, we handle the critical role of getting games into high-quality players' hands, fast.

  • Studio. We build lightweight, highly social & largescale midcore experiences (think Battlebit, Valheim, and Fall Guys) that leverage digital ownership, world-augmenting AI, and a big focus on UGC and creator ownership, with highly ownership-friendly monetization & low-poly art styles. Play in our recurring social skillshot competition Brawl of Fame, and stay tuned for sneak peeks on our upcoming naval extraction battler Captain & Company.

  • Publishing. We connect games to an entire support universe, rocketing partners from zero to one. Web3 gaming is its own niche and requires complementary firepower to existing publishers, and we systematize that gap for game studios, including: SDKs for web2.5 asset management & user login, community/marketing support, grant financing, engagement & retention tools, partner distribution rails, and corporate structuring support.

KAP Games is fully audited (3x), doxxed, and has renounced control of the token contract.

The KAP token has not been offered as a security, and contributors should have zero expectation of profit, irrespective of the plans and ideations outlined in this conceptual paper. Furthermore, public claim functions and liquidity pools are not be available to any participant with a US, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, or Syria IP address. See Disclaimer for more info.

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