$KAP Token

The KAP token is our connection to our community and contributors and provides utility access to all of our services and tools.

The KAP utility token is non-inflationary, with only 1,000,000,000 minted.

All fees are charged in KAP where possible. If fees or earnings are taken in a token that is not KAP, those exogenous tokens may be swapped into KAP in the treasury.

  • Staking

    • Dual-sided (KAP-ETH) liquidity staking pools available at staking.kapital.gg

    • Premium in-app features or discounts may be available to staking participants

  • Governance

    • KAP holders may vote on partnerships, acquisitions, and possible rewards

The treasury will periodically monetize its holdings to pay developers and service providers to maintain and improve the DAO's offerings.

Distribution & Vesting


The ecosystem treasury is to be deployed for community incentives, partnerships, liquidity rewards, and operational costs.

These tokens have no lock but unlock over 48 months.

Staking Rewards

The initial rewards pool for staking were seeded with these tokens. The DAO may vote to adjust this allocation either higher or lower in the future. (Note that the DAO adjusted staking rewards down in KIP-4.)

All staking rewards are emitted via dual-sided (KAP-ETH) pools and have a 12-month lock period.

Public Market Liquidity

Decentralized exchanges (DEXes), centralized exchanges (CEXes), and a Balancer pool will be seeded with a small amount of KAP to enable initial liquidity. Note that such venues either expressly geoblock US IPs or otherwise disallow engaging in token trading from the US in their Terms of Use.

These tokens are unlocked and have no vesting.

Team & Investors

These tokens are allocated to key contributing counterparties with a strategic or financial interest in the platform.

These tokens are locked for 12 months and vest over a further 12 months.


Key advisors may receive tokens to represent their participation in the distributed construction of projects owned by the DAO.

These tokens are locked for 12 months and vest over a further 12 months.

Your Role

As a DAO, we strongly believe that the collective voices of the contributors are the beacons that illuminate the best paths forward. The DAO aims to become completely decentralized over a period of 24 months. This is deliberate and intentional. We're excited and lucky to be here at the beginning, but you are the future that will ultimately set the course of history.

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