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KAP Creator Alliance

At KAP Games, we've always valued the vibrant and diverse creator community that forms the lifeblood of the gaming world. The KAP Creator Alliance is designed to empower and collaborate with you, the gaming creators who bring the gaming world to life!
The KAP Creator Alliance is built on a shared love for gaming and a vision for the future of web3 gaming and our way of saying a huge thank you to our creators, rewarding your hard work and providing exciting new opportunities to boost your success.
Whether you're a game developer, content creator, esports pro, or community leader, the KAP Creator Alliance has got something special for you!

Creator Benefits

  • Big Token Rewards: Earn $KAP for each post - the more engagement you get, the more you earn!
  • Early Access: Get a sneak peek at our upcoming KAP Studio games and features through beta play tests.
  • Exposure: Showcase your content on KAP Games platforms, expanding your reach.
  • Exclusive NFT Rewards: Enjoy unique NFTs from gaming partners and KAP as a token of our appreciation.
  • Community: Access to a private creator channel in KAP Games Discord to connect with other creators
  • KAP Influence: Help shape the future of KAP Games through open dialogue with the KAP Games team and feedback sessions.
  • Get connected*: Intros to our games and partners as well as potential for paid partnerships
  • Creative Support*: Help with video editing, graphics, and more from our in house creative team!
*Eligibility required


Becoming a part of the KAP Games Creator’s Alliance is easy and potentially game-changing!
Simply, fill out this form to apply: https://www.kap.gg/f/creator-signup
Thank you for making KAP Games a vibrant and creative place! Let’s continue to shape the world of web3 gaming together, one post at a time!
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